Statistics, Knowledge and Policy 2007, Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies

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Publisher: OECD
ISBN13: 9789264043237
Category: Statistics/Directories
Type: Print Edition
Publication date 01-08-2008


For a good portion of the 20th century there was an implicit assumption that economic growth was synonymous with progress: an assumption that a growing GDP meant life must be getting better.  But we now recognize that it isn’t quite as simple as that. Despite high levels of economic growth in many countries many experts believe we are no happier than they were 50 years ago; that people trust one another -  and their governments - less than they used to; and that increased income has come at the expense of  increased insecurity, longer working hours and greater complexity in our lives. Much of the world is healthier and people live longer than they did just a few years ago, but environmental problems like climate change cast a shadow over an uncertain future.  Indeed, it sometimes seems that for every action to demonstrate societal progress,  an equal but opposite reaction demonstrates precisely the opposite.  And when the experts disagree, what hope do the citizens have to engage in democratic debate about their future and make the right choices at the ballot box? Access to accurate information is vital when we come to judge our politicians and hold them accountable. But access to a comprehensive and intelligible portrait of that most important of questions - whether or not life has got and is likely to get better - is lacking in many societies.

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