Huntingtons Disease Third Edition

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780198510604
Category: Medical Genetics
Type: Print edition
2002, 528 Pages


This book is a new edition for the successful Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics series. Previously published by WB Saunders, it is a well established and widely used book and is regarded as the definitive work on the subject. The new edition has been radically updated in light of the major recent advances in the genetics and neurobiology of the disease. An international group of experts discuss developments in our understanding of how the molecular basis of the disorder results in brain degeneration, with full coverage of transgenic animal models, neurochemical studies and advances in neuropathology. The clinical sections cover both neurological and psychiatric aspects as well as new developments in therapy. Readership: Clinicians and scientists involved with HD including geneticists, psychiatrists and neurologists and basic research workers (genetics, neurobiology).

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