Measuring Empowerment : Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

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Publisher: World Bank
ISBN13: 9780821360576
Category: Gender/Women
Author: Deepa Narayan
Type: Print edition
July 2005


Nobody cares more about reducing poverty than poor people themselves. Empowerment of poor men and women to enable them to take action that improves their lives is critical for poverty reduction. However, to support empowerment on a large scale requires clarity on what empowerment means and how it can lead to better development outcomes. If it does make a difference, what determines empowerment itself? How can one measure and monitor its impact on development outcomes? In 2002, the World Bank published the Empowerment Sourcebook which defined empowerment as increasing poor peoples? freedom of choice and action to shape their own lives. Measuring Empowerment builds on the Empowerment Sourcebook by turning to the question of how to measure empowerment. This book brings together perspectives from economics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and political science. Case studies describe empowerment concepts and methods, at the individual level; the household level; community and local government level; and at the national level.

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