Free Trade Zone and Port Hinterland Development

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Publisher: United Nations
ISBN13: 9789211204346
Category: Transport
Type: Print edition
2007 Pages 142


This report looks at examples of Free trade zones (FTZ) from around the world and sees how the concept of logistics centres can be applied in practice. The report concludes that the traditional import/export port needs to move into one of two markets, or a combination of both; these markets are transhipment or logistics centres. The report identifies that an optimum enabling environment needs to be created that is service orientated, largely free of bureaucracy and has excellent connectivity both physically and electronically between all stakeholders. Where the optimum enabling environment cannot be implemented nationwide, the creation of a FTZ is a first step to attracting funds necessary to finance this change. The report concludes with a summary of the key guidelines for policy makers to consider in the transition from a traditional import/export port to a logistics centre port.

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