Technology Business Incubation

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Publisher: UNESCO
ISBN13: 9789231040092
Category: Science Technology..
Author: By Rustam Lalkaka
Type: Print edition
2006 124 pages, tables, figures, boxes, annexes, bibliography


Many businesses around the world use technology as a means to set-up, run and improve their commercial performance but not all countries have sufficient access to technology. In fact the ?digital divide? between rich and poor countries is one of the major international challenges facing our society. Technology Business Incubation describes a concept whereby technological support and services are offered to start-up companies in the fields of engineering, science and technology to help them further their own research and develop viable businesses. Aimed at developed and developing countries this concept could provide a solution in bridging the knowledge gap. Written by Rustam Lalkaka, a well-known expert in the field, the toolkit provides invaluable information for carrying out feasibility studies; preparing business plans; choosing a location; finding sponsors; selecting managers and tenants; and monitoring a technology business incubator. Annexes contain checklists and report pro formas to help prepare relevant documents based on local needs.

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