The Symbolic Globe

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Publisher: UNESCO
ISBN13: 9789231040283
Category: Culture, Communication
Type: Print edition
2006 52 pages, illustrations


A careful observer of natural phenomena, Erik Reitzel discovered the close relation that exists between fracture, structure and growth. This fundamental physical law inspired his work on designing minimal supporting structures ? structures capable of resisting the forces that throughout the ages have obstructed humankind?s attempts to leave a lasting imprint of creativity when taking the possible to its absolute limits. In this volume, which tells the story of the Symbolic Globe, Erik Reitzel explains how he developed the concept of a minimalist structure. The Symbolic Globe, a perfect sphere, a model of purity and lightness, demonstrates the value of his theory. In designing the Globe for the World Summit of the United Nations in Copenhagen, Erik Reitzel intended to give it a symbolic dimension. The involvement of all the delegates in its construction highlighted the necessary collaboration of all peoples if we are to achieve peace in the world. For over ten years, in Paris, UNESCO has hosted this message of hope and peace meant to reach all nations in preserving universal values.

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