Training in the Community for people with disabilities

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Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN13: 9789241544016
Category: Disabilities
Author: E.Helander,P.Mendis etc.
Type: Print edition
Reprint 2002 684pp


Many people with disabilities have been rehabilitated through their own efforts and the help of their families. To a larger extent, training techniques, technical aids and appliances have been invented and improved by the people who needed them. Many developed and developing countries are encouraging active participation of people with disabilities and their families in the rehabilitation process. This means that rehabilitation is accomplished at home and in the community. Thia approach promotes social integration of people with disabilities, the goal of rehabilitation. This manual has been developed for use in community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programmes and is written primarily for people with disabilities and for members of their families. It describes how rehabilitation can be carried out at home and in the community. The manual provides disabled people and their families with knowledge about procedures for rehabilitation which the past was often thought to be the exclusive preserve of professionals. The manual also provides explanations and guidelines for the organization of rehabilitation activities in the community. The manual will help community workers in rehabilitaton; community groups and leaders who take responsibility for the CBR programme and decide on its implementation; teachers in local schools who teach children with disabilities; people who provide jobs, income and opportunities for adults with disabilities; and those who are concerned about how people with disabilities can be socially integrated and enjoy the same rights as everyone else.

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