OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2005

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Publisher: OECD
ISBN13: 9789264010550
Category: Industry
Type: Print edition
November 2005 Pages: 210 Charts: 235


This seventh edition of the OECD Science, Technology and Industry (STI) Scoreboard explores the growing interaction between knowledge and globalisation. As innovation becomes a key determinant for long-run economic growth and social well-being, the STI Scoreboard provides a comprehensive picture of countries? performance in the areas of science, technology, globalisation and industry. The STI Scoreboard brings together over 200 graphs and charts, many of which are new to this edition, to help examine emerging policy issues including the international mobility of researchers and scientists, the increasing pace of innovation as measured by patenting, the growth of the information economy, the changing role of multinational enterprises, new patterns in trade competitiveness, and the emergence of key international players outside the OECD area, notably China. This edition also includes StatLinks, URLs linking to spreadsheets containing the data underlying the charts and graphs.

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