International Migration Outlook SOPEMI - 2006 Edition

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Publisher: OECD
ISBN13: 9789264036277
Category: Migration
Type: Print edition
June 2006 Pages: 328 Tables: 3


This first issue of the International Migration Outlook analyses recent trends in migration movements and policies in all OECD countries. For the first time, it includes harmonised statistics on long-term international migration inflows for most OECD countries. The report highlights the growing importance of immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, China and Latin America, as well as increasing feminisation of the flows. It describes the importance of the immigrant population and its contribution to human capital in receiving countries. The determinants of the employment situation are also analysed, with a particular focus on recent measures to facilitate the integration of immigrant women into the labour market. This volume reflects the increasing interest of member countries in the recruitment of highly skilled immigrants by selective policies as well as the recourse to temporary, often seasonal, low-skilled immigrants. Special attention is paid to pinpointing policies aimed at improving the management of migration flows and integration policies focusing on programmes for newcomers, from compulsory language courses to job-oriented initiatives, and to the strengthening of anti-discrimination and diversity measures. Developments in international co-operation for labour migration as well as for better border control in the fight against irregular migration are also described, with a special focus on the impact of the European Union enlargement on inflows of immigrant workers to OECD countries. The reader will also find in this publication: ? Two special chapters dealing with topical issues. The first addresses the management of migration inflows through quotas and numerical limits, and evaluates the efficiency of such tools. The second takes another look at the links between migration, remittances and the economic development of sending countries. ? Country notes, under a new form for this edition, describing recent trends in migration movements and policies, including re-designed standardised tables. ? A statistical annex containing the latest data on foreign and foreign-born populations, migration flows and naturalisations.

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