Gas and electricity market statistics - Data 1990-2005

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Publisher: European Commission
ISBN13: 9789279004261
Category: Energy
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How have gas and electricity production and consumption evolved over the last 10 to 15 years in the EU? How have different energy sources, such as nuclear power or wind energy, developed? To what degree are Member States dependent on energy from their neighbours? What have price trends been like for households and industry? Statistics on the electricity and gas markets'' attempts to answer these and other questions by giving a basic statistical overview of the electricity and gas marktes in the 25 Member States of the European Union. Where possible data on the Candidates Countries, Norway and Iceland are also included. Four sections make up the publication: production and installed capacity (Chapter 1), consumption (Chapter 2), trade (Chapter 3) and, finally prices and taxes (Chapter 4). Readers should note that the consumption figures presented in Chapter 2 look at final electricity and natural gas consumption, and exclude for instance the consuption of the energy sector, with the exeption of Chapter 3 related to gas. In addition, caution should be exercised when interpreting the data on dependency and trade in Chapter 3 which cover electricity and natural gas imports and exports as well as their balance: countries having to import energyto cover their national needs might give the impression of being dependent on foreign suppliers. However, importing electricity is often a deliberate, economically motivated choise rather then a necissity. Internationally agreed concepts and definitions apply throughout the publication. Explanations and details in this respect can easily be retrived through a special energy-related section of CODED, Eurostat''s Concepts and Definitions Database ( The latest available data from Eurostat''s reference database NewCronos have been used for this publication. The time frame covered is 1990 -2003 for quantitative data (Chapter 1 to 3) and 1995 -2005

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