Birds of Europe the handy birding tool

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Publisher: UNESCO
ISBN13: 9789231087752
Category: Plants/Medicinal Plants
December 2003 CD-ROM, Colour drawings, distribution maps, bird calls, quiz, video, Version 2.0.2


This outstanding CD-ROM is already in use by many bird watchers, students, and scientists. Compiled by European ornithologists, Birds of Europe is a comprehensive source of information on 447 bird species. It contains detailed descriptions, full colour illustrations, sound recordings of bird calls, pictures of eggs, video clips, and interactive maps depicting the summer, year-round, and winter distribution. A pictorial key for identification and a quiz testing the user''s knowledge are also included. The illustrated glossary provides definitions for numerous terms and information on bird groups. In addition to the scientific names and their English equivalents, common names are also given in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

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