CD-ROM Films on Surgery at the District Hospitals (7 films)

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Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN13: 16500122
Category: Tropical Medicine
Type: Video
2007 Fracture Management-General Principles of Wound Management-Upper limb-Lower Limb-Tendon Injuries-Children-Head AUDIOVISUAL - VIDEOS


These 7 films on surgery techniques at the district hospital are visual support to the manual developed by WHO on Surgical Care at the District Hospital. The videos are intended for general duty doctors in district hospitals and deal with orthopaedics and traumatology interventions. Available in a box containing 4 CDs, they can be shown on a portable computer as well as a DVD system. General principles of wound management: Shows common causes of wounds, basic principles of wound care, repair of special structures, with advice on referral, skin grafting techniques, special situtations including emergency amputations and open fractures. 23 minutes Fracture management using traction and plaster: Shows principles of traction for treatment of fractures (skin and skeletal traction), applications to lower limb and skull, plasters, plastering materials and application of plaster, management of patients in plaster, plaster removal and rehabilitation. 39 minutes Open fractures, tendon injuries and soft tissues injuries : Shows classification and treatment of open fractures, management of open fracture wounds, methods of stabilization of open fractures, tendon injuries, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, vascular trauma, diagnosis, treatment techniques and Volkmann s ischaemia, split-skin grafting and management of hand injuries. 35 minutes Fractures and dislocations of the upper limb : Shows functional anatomy, clinical diagnosis and treatment of upper limb fractures, complications, management of open fractures of the hand, diagnosis and management of dislocations of the upper limb joints. 53 minutes Fractures and dislocations of the lower limb and pelvis : Shows classification and diagnosis of pelvic ring and lower limb injuries, complications and treatment, femur, patella including open fractures, tibia, ankle and foot, dislocations of the hip, knee, ankle and foot. 33 minutes Fractures in children : Shows comparison with adult fractures, epiphyseal plate injuries, supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children, Volkmann s ischaemia, condylar and epicondylar fracture management and complications. 18 minutes Head and spinal injuries : Shows spinal injuries classification, management and rehabilitation of the paraplegic, head injuries, management of scalp wounds, skull fractures, intracranial injuries, unconsciousness assessment, signs of increasing intracerebral pressure and exploratory burr hole examination. 35 minutes

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